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Playlist submissions accepted 

In a recent meeting we have decided to curate playlists even in genres we are not actively involved in. Covid is going to stick around a bit longer. We do not think 2021 will be the year that the music industry will return to normality. So in order to help unsigned and/ or independent artist to get a larger audience NOT A FOX Records will curate a number of playlists for Spotify.

How will this work?

You fill out the form below with nothing more then your e-mailadress and select the genre you want to be featured on. We will approach you per mail when we start accepting submissions. You then (and only then) send us a mail with your best song (ONE SONG per band/ artist) and the link to your selected song on Spotify. That is all.

When the going gets tough – the tough get creative!

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The TRX Project

15.05.2021 // Listen Now

Upside Down

24.03.2021 // New album release by Beatrice Betley


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