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NOT A FOX Records

Welcome to NOT A FOX Records!! We are a small, fiercely independent record label that specialises in the genres of Jazz, Chill, Indie and the Classical Music of todays composers. There is so much talent out there that deserves to be heard! When deciding to work with new talents there are three things that we are very particular about and that are crucial for us, what we call the A.C.M. trinity:




Too much of todays music is fabricated, auto-tuned, AI enhanced, algorithm based…NO.

Music is about passion, soul, connection and skill. Professional musicians deserve to be heard and paid. It is hard work. It is knowledge. It is INTENT. Music is the one thing that trancends nations and languages, status and ethnicity. We here at NOT A FOX Records are convinced that before our ancestors could speak (or paint) they were jamming together in their caves, creating drum sessions with whatever they got their hands on. Music is in our genes. It is part of what makes us – all of us – human. It is essential to our soul. Or to use the words of the great Quincy Jones:

I truly believe that the last things to go from this planet are water and music!

We are currently updating our webpage to be able to support our artists even more and include a web shop where you can download music, by CDs Vinyl or merchandise and more.

We are committed to support ALL INDEPENDENT ARTISTS so we have decided to curate Spotify playlists in the following genres: Jazz, Chill, Indie, Hip-Hop, EDM and Women-in-Music (spanning all genres). If you are an independent artist wanting to submit to one of our playlist send us a mail at with in the title your genre. We will send you a mail when the next submission is due!