We are a fiercely independent record label,

home to artist in the genres JAZZ, CHILL, INDIE & contemporary CLASSIC.

What we mean with”contemporary Classic” is the we want to provide a platform for young, classical composers.

We at NOT A FOX records love all music as long as it is authentic. You need to have a voice of your own. Dear to cross over into other genres. It is a big world out there but mainstream music all sounds the same. NO.

Music choices on media is chosen by algorithms and we at NOT A FOX records strongly believe that

Algorithms kill Creativity

As an independent record company we believe that unsigned talent deserves to be heard and have therefor decided to start curating playlists on SPOTIFY in more genres than we represent as a label. If you want to be featured in on elf the playlist for JAZZ, INDIE, CHILL, HIPHOP, EDM or WOMEN IN MUSIC drop us a mail

We will contact you when we start with the selection for our playlist and make sure to put in the subject line WHICH PLAYLIST you want to be featured on – so we can add you to the correct mailing list.

We will NEVER sell your data to someone else and you can always unsubscribe!

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