Beatrice Betley – Upside Down

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  1. Barbara Roß

    Boasting a great deal of melodic maturity and wonderfully performed, “Upside Down” is a terrifically elegant piece of jazz-infused R&B that displays both a great sense of style and refinement, allowing listeners to be encapsulated in a particularly comfy blanket of harmonic sophistication and rich melodic exploration. Beatrice Betley captivates and enthralls with a deeply accomplished vocal performance that ebbs and flows with the utmost grace and decorum, all the while being accompanied by a highly dignified musical backing that serves as the perfect backdrop for her vocals to glide over.
    Quite simply, the vocal performance is magnificent. Beatrice displays a level of maturity and ability in her vocals that make her captivating vocalizations seem effortless, and the fact that many parts have been improvised serves as a clear signal of just how accomplished Beatrice is. The way the vocals interact with the accompanying instruments is an absolute joy to listen to, the way Beatrice engages with the sax and piano, in particular, is fascinating to listen to, there’s a great sense of synergy between the song’s various elements that really helps to bring the performances vividly to life. The way each performer gracefully bounces the tracks many exquisite ideas from one another is a testament to the maturity in the writing, ensuring the song’s many melodic and rhythmic elements flow both effectively and purposefully.
    Andre Avanessian – WNIR

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