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  1. Barbara Roß

    “Flow” opens on a fat, popping funky bassline topped by chimes and then flows into a funk-infused jazz melody chock-full of tantalizing rhythm. Crunchy percussive snaps accented with a sizzling high-hat combine with the rounded bass to inject the groove with delightful undulating textures.
    Oozing layers of the xylophone emerge below a sensual saxophone, imbuing the tune with antiphonal responses of coloration as if conversing with the vocalist. Beatrice’s cool soprano gives the lyrics stylish flavors, as well as anticipatory hues of “something new” impinging on her consciousness – the thrill of impending romance.
    The lyrics travel on Beatrice’s smooth sensual tones like smoke drifting up and then expanding on the breeze, voluptuous in their imminence and proximity.
    “Bumped into you / What could I do / Never saw it coming / Never thought the thought of / What would be the first step / Into our new world / The world with you / Of something new.”
    As the song proceeds, the saxophone takes on more vibrant braying colors, followed by the addition of brass heft and glowing timbres.
    On “Flow,” Beatrice Betley fuses scrumptious funk-lite jazz muscle with viscous tints of pop relish, all capped by her smoke-filled provocative voice.
    Randy Randic – Guitar Girl Magazine

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